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Semester Tie Up

I can’t believe this semester is already coming to an end….seems so soon! This class has definitely been beneficial to me, and also very interesting. Learning about all these different leadership theories has really opened my eyes to seeing things in my workplace as well as noticing how I personally handle situations. This last assignment of having to go to different websites and pay attention to things that we normally wouldn’t, has also been fun and valuable. I never had a tumblr before, and now that I’ve been on it, I’ve found a lot of awesome blogs that are related to businesses and mangement, and are actually enjoyable to read, and don’t feel like I’m reading a boring news article. I have also found through my Tumblr, that by following these other sites makes my mind continuously think! I also enjoy reblogging things I find that I feel relate to leadership/mangement/are helpful. I never had a blog until now, and it is definitely a new experience, and I hope to continue a blog after this class is over. I feel that some people just get caught up in the cute pictures or quotes, but I would like to continue a blog that has articles and things that make ones mind grow. I do definitely have more of a prticulkar view of leadership, and understand all the different things that can add up to equal what leadership is.

This is a really cool article and enlightening


In Mozambique, beer made from cassava supports smallhold farms

According to Gerry van den Houten, Technical Director at SABMiller, cassava is the biggest but least commercialized crop in Africa. The beer manufacturer has identified this as an opportunity to support farmers and localize supply chains by producing a lager made from the root vegetable, called Impala. READ MORE…

John Adairs Action Centered Leadership Theory

I found this Leadership Theory by googling and  it came up first on and then multiple others.

He believes that all three areas are dependent on the others, and that they must coexist. It also shows that if one area isn’t as strong as the others, then the others will suffer. If you have a weak individual, then it will be harder for the team to work together and harder to accomplish the tasks. He says that all goals and objectives need to be SMART goals. Included with this this theory is also his “50:50” idea that “50% of motivation lies with the individual and 50% comes from external factors, among them leadership from another”. 

His theory is often criticized in this day and age for being too simple, but this is exactly the reason I enjoy it! I don’t believe leadership theories need to be complicated to be true/make sense. I can think back to group activities, times at work, and this theory is definitely soooo evident!

I keep hearing these Kaiser commercials on the radio, and even though I hate Kaiser as my insurance, I have to admit…these ad are quite compelling!!! This one particularly caught my interest because it rings home. Everyone starts something and can quite easily fail at it. But what makes us succeed is the fact that we keep working at it and eventually master it. This is so true in the job force. You have to just start something, even if you are afraid of failing! Every day is a new challenge, it’s how we deal with those challenges that really sets us apart!

Evolving Thinking

I would say that I didn’t really learn anything new about the leadership theories really, but that I was able to connect the theories to real life/movies. I really enjoyed doing my midterm on Crash. I feel there was so much in the movie, it really brought all the theories to life! In my opinion though, the Transformational leadership really stood out to me as being the most dominant in the movie. One thing I noticed, is that for both parties to really grow, they had to put themselves in the shoes of others. I believe this is something very helpful in real life that can help one grow and succeed. Sometimes you wonder why your managers do things a certain way, and if you were to put yourself in their shoes, you might come to the realization of how it all makes sense.

From this first part of the class, I have come to realize that leadership is a very hard term to really define. Everyone has such different opinions about it, and the funny thing, is that all these theories really do make sense in different situations with different people, etc. I really believe my thinking on leadership has changed greatly, and that I am starting to pay more and more attention to how my managers are, and what stands out to me about them, and how they use leadership in their lives. As my group pointed out in class after the midterm, and what I really believe to be true is that leadership is a snowball effect.

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